Wing Ribs

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Wingtip Start – Forms

I’ve never done much composite work except for some minor boat repairs over the years, but I want to try and make a set of Hoerner style wingtips for my Bearhawk vs. the rounded style that are commercially available.  I want to put some LED landing lights in each tip, so I might as well … Continue reading

Right Wing Back Rib Skin

Got the small piece of .032 skin fitted and drilled to the back ribs on the right wing.  It took a while to get everything lined up, gaps set and to make sure it matches the left wing.

skinning the left wing cont….

No plans this weekend and the weather was a bit gloomy, so it was a good day to spend working on the left wing.  I managed to lay out the offset rivet row where the skins overlap.  I made a small jig with a piece of .025 steel from the fuel tank strap material.  I … Continue reading

rib stiffeners

holy cow, there are a lot of rib stiffeners and attach angles to make.  I sheared strips of .025 & .032 and made all the various lengths of rib stiffeners and attach angles.  The bends were all done on a small “finger” brake on loan to me from another local builder. I spent several days … Continue reading

Fluting Wing Ribs

getting the nose ribs fluted The last few nights have been spent marking and fluting all of the wing wibs.  With a little bit of work I’ve managed to get the ribs to lay nice and flat. I’ve seen many techniques but what worked for me was laying the rib on a flat surface and … Continue reading