Right Wing Assembly

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false spar riveted and flap drive support

After priming all the parts, I riveted on the .125 backing plates to the false spar.  I used 1097 flush rivets to hold the plate nuts on and 470 -4 rivets for the plates. I also fabricated the brace for the flap drive that runs between center ribs 1 & 2.  It’s 2 attach angles … Continue reading

false spar drilled

Measured the width between center ribs 2 & 3 then trimmed the false spar to fit. I joggled the 4 corners of the false spar with my vice and joggle tool. Measured up from the rear spar 6 inches and set the outboard attach angle.  I used a little level to set it horizontally and clamped it … Continue reading

center ribs riveted

Riveted the center ribs.  Not much to note, it went pretty smooth.  Between the alligator and c yoke squeezer….I squeezed them all.

nose ribs riveted

Deburred all of the holes and sprayed the trimmed edge of the nose ribs with rattle can primer.  I then riveted them all in.  Between the alligator squeezer and C yoke squeezer I was able to squeeze all but 1 rivet (where the strut attach bar sits).  I prefer squeezing over trying to use the … Continue reading

nose ribs drilled

All of the nose ribs are drilled.  I tried the string method this time and while it seemed slower than using the tool (made off the tip rib), hopefully the results are better.  I used some 20 lb. test fishing line I had laying around as well as some plastic beads from the tackle box to … Continue reading

center ribs in and drilled

Got all of the center ribs trimmed, drilled, deburred and clecoed in tonight.  Everything fit perfect. I used small pieces of .032 clamped onto the rib at the rear spar to simulate the wing skins, this makes it simple to align the rear of the center rib.  I checked spar web distances, level front to … Continue reading

main spar jigged with aileron and flap support

The main spar was added to the jig along with the flap and aileron supports.  Similar to the rear spar, the distance from the main spar web to the guide wire was made constant from root to tip as well as level across the spar.  I set up my long level, shimming with blue paint … Continue reading

pocket ribs and rear spar set in jig

I decided to go ahead and rivet the aileron pocket ribs in before putting the rear spar in the jig.  I spent hours on my back doing this on the left wing, it’s much easier to do on a table. The only adjustment I made was to trim the tip pocket rib about .04 since … Continue reading

drilling angles and strut attach

Drilled all of the attach angles and match drilled the strut attach steel to the spar.  Cut the spar web flange to allow the strut attach to clear.     I placed a rivet on the lower capstrip too close to where the strut attach steel lays and had to add a slight chamfer to the steel … Continue reading

marking the attach angles

Marked the rib attach angles on the main and rear spar for drilling.  I marked a line .19 from the edge of the angle to ensure proper edge distance for the 3/32 rivets then eyballed the other marks.  I am trying to be more effcient with my time on this wing, ie. the rivet holes … Continue reading