Left Wing Assembly

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setting and riveting the back ribs

trying to wrap up some odds and ends and get ready to skin the left wing.  I’ve been putting off the back ribs becuase it requires unclamping the tip end from the jig.  It went pretty smooth.  I used the method I read in several other builder’s blogs on how to get the back ribs … Continue reading

drilling ribs for aileron cable

measured the distance from the top of the center rib to the bellcrank where the aileron control cable connects.  Measured the same thing at the root end to the middle of the fairlead on the flap torque support.  The distance was then measured between the root and the bellcrank and we could figure the change … Continue reading

finished riveting nose ribs

Finished riveting the nose ribs on the left wing tonight.  My daughter and wife came out to visit in the garage which was a real treat.  My wife helped buck a bunch of rivets.  I purchased a 18K BTU window AC over the winter and installed it in the garage.  I wasn’t real sure how … Continue reading

riveting on the nose ribs

Began riveting on the left wing nose ribs.  I’ve put this off for as long as possible, just to have the luxury of removing them to get at bolts and clearance, etc.  Tonight i just put on 3 to see how things go.  My neighbor Mark helped with a couple.  A long offset rivet set … Continue reading

inboard flap torque tube support

I originally made the inboard flap torque tube support as one piece, but it did not line up well with the rib stiffener rivets that were already in place.  I ended up cutting the ends off and making it 3 pieces.  It will fit better and be easier to rivet in place like this.  Once … Continue reading

fuel pump support bracket

I received  the Facet 40171 fuel pump that I ordered, so I made a mounting plate for it today.  The 40171 has the check valve and is supposed to prevent the flow when not running.  I used 1/8″ 6061 to make the mounting plate which is a bit thicker than it really needs to be, … Continue reading

jigging up the left wing

With the help of my neighbor Al, I picked up some nice wing jigs from another bearhawk builder in Hilliard, FL.  They are welded aluminum and are sourced from old F14 towbars from the Navy.  I installed some studs into the slab and made the jigs adjustable.  With the help of a digital level, I … Continue reading