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Elevator Bellcrank

?It has been quite a while since I have posted here.  I have been working on the plane, just not blogging it.  I plan to blog backwards from here to fill in the last few months. The bellcrank turned out to be relatively straightforward to make.  I just photocopied the plans, cut out the part … Continue reading

Control Stick Mounting Brackets

Made the control stick mounting brackets by measuring out the size on the plans and cutting them out on the band saw.  I prefer cutting oversize and shaping after bending.  I find it difficult to cut metal exactly to size and then bend.  After bending I marked and cut the angled sides and evened everything … Continue reading

Landing Gear

Began making the parts for the landing gear.  Cut the .100 steel reinforcements for the gear leg attach points on the band saw and cleaned up with the mini belt sander. Measured my attach fittings on the fuselage then cut the 9/16 tubing to fit.  Welded the heavy wall tubing to the .100 steel reinforcement … Continue reading

Aileron Counter Weights

DIY Hoerner Wingtip How-To

I wanted Hoerner style wingtips, primarily because I like the way they look, but there are some purported performance advantages over rounded. The Hoerner shape also lends itself to housing the Bob Archer style VOR (Not even sure VOR will be around when I finish) antennas I made and it will allow me to mount … Continue reading

Wingtip Start – Forms

I’ve never done much composite work except for some minor boat repairs over the years, but I want to try and make a set of Hoerner style wingtips for my Bearhawk vs. the rounded style that are commercially available.  I want to put some LED landing lights in each tip, so I might as well … Continue reading

Right Wing Back Rib Skin

Got the small piece of .032 skin fitted and drilled to the back ribs on the right wing.  It took a while to get everything lined up, gaps set and to make sure it matches the left wing.

Right Aileron and Pocket Skins

I was able to get the right wing aieleron hinged, pocket skins drilled and fitted as well as trimming the wing skins.  I followed the same process as the left wing, and there weren’t too many surprises.   Just need to fit the .032 skin at the root and tip and that will wrap up … Continue reading

Flap Hinging

I have struggled to figure out how to hinge the flap on to the wing.  I don’t have a table big enough, nor do I want to build one.  My wings are sitting in nice rotisserie racks which make working on them nice.  I left the top skin long and untrimmed up until this point, … Continue reading

Flap Assembly

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have been working.  My son was born February 24th, managing a newborn and life with 2 kids certainly reduces “free” time 🙂 I’ve got the flaps clecoed together at this point.  I have been following Eric Newton’s method on the flaps.  Everything has been pretty straight … Continue reading