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Setting the jig

Well, here we go again.  I am hoping the right wing will go faster. The root end of the wing will be on the opposite side of the jig, so that the bottom faces towards the front of the garage.  I began by resetting the guide wire.  It’s simply a piece of .032 stainless wire … Continue reading

finish inspection holes

I finished riveting the inspection hole backing rings in.  The only trouble I ran into was a single nutplate was interfering with the pully at the spar joint.  I drilled out the rivets and replaced the K1100-6 with another non-dimpled nutplate…..that was shorter by just enough to clear.  I’ll need to remember to use a … Continue reading

Bottom skin riveting

Started getting the bottom skin riveted on.  Steve came over to help, it’s much easier to do with 2 people.  There are a few places you need to be a contorsionist to get to.  We tied up the bottom end of the bottom skin to the rafters, you’ve got to be careful not to kink … Continue reading

final prep before bottom skin riveting

Getting a few things wrapped up before riveting the bottom skin on.   Got the fuel pump fittings installed and electrical complete, rigged the aieleron cable and finished dimpling the bottom of the center ribs…..which I somehow forgot to do up until this point.

Priming bottom skin, inspection hole parts and tank straps

I managed to get the bottom skin primed along with all of the inspection hole parts as well as the tank straps and associated ardware. ready for primer.  The aluminum was etched and alodined, the steel was sandblasted. primed bottom skin primed.

priming for primer

Trying to get some odds and ends wrapped up so I can dimple the bottom skin and get it primed.  I also have all of the inspection hole parts, filler neck backers, tank straps…etc to get primed while I have the paint gun out. Installed the nutplates on the center rib at the bellcrank.  This … Continue reading

Inspection hole support & cover prep

Spent all night drilling the inspection support rings for platenuts.  I also drilled and dimpled the covers as well.  It was a lot of holes and deburring!  Trying to get everything ready to prime and get the left wing wrapped up!  

Under wing courtesy light

I want to be able to comfortably use my plane at night, so I went looking for nice down lights to make boarding easier at night.  I purchased some nice marine lights made by lumitec, Halo  (SKU 112828).  They are waterproof, light (2.2 oz. with the bracket I made) and can be white, red or … Continue reading