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Elevator Bellcrank

It has been quite a while since I have posted here.  I have been working on the plane, just not blogging it.  I plan to blog backwards from here to fill in the last few months.

The bellcrank turned out to be relatively straightforward to make.  I just photocopied the plans, cut out the part and glued it to the .050 sheet and rough cut the part on the band saw.  I fine tuned the shape with my 1/2″ pneumatic belt sander.  Punched the hole locations and drilled them 1/8 to start. Used my 3/4 steel bending block and hammer to bend the flanges. When you make the 2nd piece, make sure you bend the flanges the opposite direction of the first piece……ahem.  Match drill the parts.  I used a 7/8 hole saw on both ends of the lightening hole then angle grinder to open them up.  1/2 inch belt sander to clean it all up.

I split the flange where the direction changes on the part and will weld it up when I weld on the washers and center tube.

Welded on some washers then cut some 7/16 tubing for spacers and bolted the pieces together. Welded in the 3/4 center tube, drilled the oil hole then cleaned up the inside of the tube with Dremel drum sander.



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